Iconic cross restored to Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

Iconic cross restored to Notre Dame Cathedral after fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral's iconic cross has been restored for the first time since the 2019 disaster.

The cross, standing twelve meters high, was the only part of the choir roof that withstood the flames, after the fire on 15th April 2019, which profoundly damaged the cathedral, leading to the collapse of its spire and part of its roof.

The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a symbol of Christianity that welcomed 12 million visitors each year.

According to The Christian Post, Notre Dame's restoration process has involved around 250 companies and hundreds of craftsmen, architects, and professionals.

Since the fire, the global community responded with overwhelming support, pledging over $1b (£784,6m) for the restoration efforts.

Vincent Combe, project manager for Metal Roofing Renovation, told CBS News: "The cross fell really early in the fire...So we were really lucky because the cross didn't burn a lot, she just fell…it's a miracle."

The cathedral's website says it will re-open by December 2024.