RINOs Betray Pro-Life Voters - AGAIN

RINOs Betray Pro-Life Voters - AGAIN

They've done it again. Liberal fakes on the left of the Republican party have teamed up with the Democrats to push same sex 'marriage' past the fillibuster hurdle in the Senate.

The deceitfully-named Respect for Marriage will codify same-sex “marriage” into federal law was pushed even closer to becoming law even though the Democrats were short of ten votes to bring the measure before the full Senate for approval.

What got the anti-Christian assault on marriage and life through this crucial stage was the support of  Sen. Susan Collins (Me.), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah), Sen. Roy Blunt (Mo.); Sens. Richard Burr, Thom Tillis (N.C.); Sen. Shelley Capito (W.V.); Sen. Joni Ernst (Iowa); Sen. Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.); Sen. Dan Sullivan (Alaska); Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio); and Sen. Todd Young (Ind.)

The bill’s passage was solely in the hands of the Republican Party. One word from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell demanding unity should have been enough to stop it cold. However, the Republican Party threw away its chance to defeat it and once more betrayed the trust of millions of social conservatives who have rescued them from defeat.

So yet again out-of-touch and treacherous  Beltway RINOs have betrayed the Christian, pro-life and pro-family voters who just saved them from electoral annihilation at the hands of the mail-in ballot harvesting, vote-stuffing, illegal alien gerrymandering Democrats. These arrogant sell-outs just set this pernicious bill up for almost certain passage and the signature of “Catholic” President Joe Biden.

For now, it's shame on them. But come the next election, it's shame on any and every true Republican who votes for them.