Roberto Fiore – Political Prisoner

Roberto Fiore – Political Prisoner

A full update from Nick Griffin, Vice President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom

“The outcome of the Italian events concerns the whole of Europe and the rest of the world. We are the pilot country in the Great Reset plans, if it passes here the Italian model will be imposed on you all. Italy is the front line for the whole of Europe.”

These are the words of Professor Giuseppe Provenzale, spokesman of the Forza Nuova management team and previous deputy national secretary of the party. He is closely involved with the legal battle to free the Christian patriots thrown into prison in Italy in order to prevent gigantic protests against the ‘green pass’ tyranny of the ClotShot regime during the G20 summit in Rome last weekend.

The highest profile victim of the repression is Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova. Arrested at the same time were Giuliano Castellino, Pamela Testa, Fabio Corradetti, Luigi Aronica, Valerio Pellegrino, Maurizio Bartolucci, Iorio Pilosio, Gennaro Imperatore, Calogero Russello, Andrea Lubrano, Massimiliano Ursino and Lorenzo Franceschi.

Also arrested was the leader of the "Io apro" movement, Biagio Passaro, who is the only one of the fourteen detainees to have been released so far.

Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino and the others arrested in Rome are locked up in the prison of Naples, Poggioreale, Pamela Testa in Rebibbia the others in the prisons of their cities, Ursino is in Palermo. The conditions in which they are being held are reasonable, the prisoners’ morale is high and their lawyers and families are allowed in to see them.

“Roberto and the others are determined and are fighting for their freedom and for the liberty of us all. They are warriors. They urge us to continue the struggle”, Prof Provenzale told me this morning.

Asked about the media allegations that the FN-led demonstrations against the vax mandate turned violent, Prof Provenzzale replied:

“Eye-witness accounts are very different from what is disseminated by the television, newspapers and institutions, whose narration imputes the alleged violence of October 9 to the FN group. Numerous testimonies, including the evidence of videos, attest that the individuals who broke through the door of the CGIL are not linked to the FN. Presumably they were agents, perhaps men of the services, in plain clothes who before breaking through wore other clothes to better blend in with the crowd.”

Despite this weight of evidence, the violent actions of this small and mysterious minority have been used to ‘justify’ the changes against the detainees. The precise charges vary, but Roberto Fiore is charged with the offences of aggravated damage(1), devastation and looting(2), violence (3) and resisting a public official(4).

Article 635, is punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years (1) -Article 419, committing acts of devastation or looting is punishable by imprisonment from eight to fifteen years (2) - Article 336, is punishable by imprisonment from six months to five years (3) - Article 337, is punishable by imprisonment from six months to five years (4).

The State does not appear to be in any hurry to take the matter to court, particularly as the Review Tribunal ruled that they should stay in prison pending trial. “It is a political process,” says the Professor, “as long as tensions remains high, the System has no interest in speeding up the time to reach full trial.” The aim of the arrests is to intimidate the whole ‘no green pass’ movement.

He also tells me that the majority of Italians believe the propaganda and regard them as guilty as charged. By the same token, however, a sizeable minority are already awake, with support for the prisoners coming from right across the political spectrum.

The arrest of Roberto and the others, has in no way stopped the protests and demonstrations that have multiplied throughout Italy from north to south. These have no political orientation, involving all sorts of people who share a common sense of distrust and disgust towards the parties, the government and the institutions.

Faced with this continued defiance, the vax regime is turning to even worse acts of violence. In Trieste water cannons, batons and smoke bombs were used to on a large crows of peaceful and completely non-political demonstrators while they were on their knees reciting the Rosary. Protesters in Milan were beaten and arrested in a very similar way to Rome. Check points are used to stop buses and prevent protesters from reaching demonstrations. “The Italian police are worse than ever, protests are portrayed as violent when the reality is that peaceful citizens are being subjected to South American levels of regime violence.”

Finally, I asked the Professor if what is going on is this broadly within the Italian tradition of protests and government responses at times of tension, or if this level of repression something new in Italy? 

“The general situation is very particular, nothing similar had ever happened in Italy in recent decades. The popular struggle against the green pass, after October 9th, with or without us, is growing and taking on new forms.

“There are two Italys: one is in the streets, and in the ports, and lives in the real world, the other collects crumbs of pseudo electoral consensus, they whine about an abstention rate that at the ballots has touched 70%, although they simultaneously pretend to believe that everything is fine.

“All this takes place while our movement suffers the most violent repressive action since the day of its foundation, an action that strikes us when, for almost two years, party flags and symbols have been set aside. This means that our men are being hit and threatened not as dangerous ‘fascists’, but because Italians are fighting in what has long been a spiritual, human and political battle of resistance and liberation from tyranny.

“The outcome of the Italian events concerns the whole of Europe and the rest of the world. We are the pilot country in the Great Reset plans, if it passes here the Italian model will be imposed on you all. Italy is the front line for the whole of Europe. We are in the hands of God – the signs of His providence are very evident – and of the people who are keeping up the fight.”


Cards and letters of support may be sent to:

Roberto Fiore, Casa di Reclusione Napoli, Poggioreale, Via Nuova Poggioreale, 177 CAP 80143