Rotherham Grooming Scandal – The Staggering Maths Of Gang-Rape Epidemic

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A police investigation sparked by the child abuse scandal in Rotherham is now investigating 420 suspects, it emerged today.

The National Crime Agency, often called ‘Britain’s FBI’, is conducting a huge investigation after a 2014 report found at least 1,400 young girls had been abused in the South Yorkshire town.

Six men “of Pakistani heritage” were convicted yesterday in the first successful prosecution arising from the investigation.

Some people, angry at the scandal, have risked their freedom by making comments on social media or in public to the effect that “all Pakistani men are racist child rapists”. At the other extreme, various far-left groups have accused the police and press of “islamophobia” and “racism”, and deny that Pakistani men are in any way over-represented among gang-rape paedophiles.

So what is the truth? Somewhere between the two extremes, as is so often the case. Let’s do a little maths with the demographics and see what we find.

First, of the six men convicted, five lived in Rotherham, and press reports of the 420 suspects certainly imply that the police are mainly looking in the town itself.

In all the similar cases from other towns and cities, the vast majority of the perpetrators also live locally, so it is probably safe to take the ratio of five out of six of the suspects/culprits living locally and applying it to the 420 yet to be arrested and (hopefully) to face trial.

5/6 of 420 (we will assume that there are no more suspects to be identified) is 350. Surely a relatively small number of men out of Rotherham’s overall population of 257,000 people?

So let’s dig a little deeper. According to the last census, people of Muslim heritage make up 3.7% of the town’s population. Not all of these are Pakistanis, but most are. Let’s say 3.5%.

That would mean that the town has a Pakistani population of 8,995, call it 9,000 for simplicity.

Approximately half of these will be male, so that’s 4,500. How many of those will be under the age of 16 or over the age of 65 we do not know. The demographics of this population are much younger than the UK average, so that means plenty of little boys but not many elderly gents.

Let’s take a totally unscientific guesstimate and say that 300 are too old, and 700 too young, to be sexual predators. That would leave 3,500 who could be.

So with 350 local suspects, that would mean that 10% of the male population in the ‘right’ age bracket of the community in question are under investigation as suspects in the brutal repeat gang-rape of 1,400 young girls from other communities – overwhelmingly the English – in the town.

That in turn means that 90% are innocent of any such crimes, which makes the “they’re all at it” allegation particularly inaccurate, absurd and unfair.

But, on the other hand, 10% is staggeringly high. It explodes as plain lies all the PC denials and claims that the Pakistani heritage community is not over-represented. And it means that it really is time for a serious, mature and level-headed discussion about this scandal – and for the innocent majority in that community to take moral responsibility and action to deal with the cancer of racist paedophilia for good.

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