Royal Family Hurt by Charles' Reset Lockdown

Royal Family Hurt by Charles' Reset Lockdown

The tragic death from cancer of a mother of three young children has brought home the real impact of lockdown's devastation of health services to England's journalistic and royal elites. 

Journalist Alice Procope died of cancer last week aged 42, leaving behind children Katherine, Wilfred and Georgia. Friends at the BBC expressed their sadness at her death, which was the result of cancer which was not spotted until too late for treatment - purely thanks to the insanely destructive covid lockdown imposed by the government, with the enthusiastic propaganda support of the BBC.


In an even greater irony, following her split from her children's father, Alice became the long-term girlfriend of Tom Parker-Bowles, who is 'devastated' by her untimely death. He is the son of Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Prince Charles.

Charles is a keen and important supporter of Klaus Schwab, giving the keynote opening address to his World Economic Forum's infamous lockdown virtual summit in Davos. As such, Charles is an active mover and shaker in the deliberate elite effort to 'de-develop' the West, using first climate change and then covid as the excuses for the systematic destruction of industrial capacity and the elimination of 'over-consumption'.

From the very outset of the covid lockdown, the Templars declared that this global wave of economic and social vandalism is 'not a victimless crime'. While we take absolutely no sort of pleasure in the death of Alice Procope, we do note that she is only one of growing thousands of other innocent victims of the covid lockdown profiteers. We wonder if Prince Charles has the decency and self-awareness to feel a sense of remorse now that the dogma and destruction he has helped to impose has struck someone so close to home? We're not holding our breath!


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