Russia Brokers Armenian Ceasefire

Russia Brokers Armenian Ceasefire

After a week of fierce fighting between Muslim Azerbaijan and the Armenian Christian Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, an uneasy truce was brokered last night by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Given that Russia has no land border with either country, and that the Armenians are neither Slavs nor even Orthodox Christians, the effort put in by Russia to stop the war highlights yet again the superpower's commitment to peace and justice in international relations as a principle. In this, Russia is very different to many other international players, including Nato, Turkey, Israel and the Islamist Gulf states, all of which have a truly shocking record of promoting conflict and war.

Whether the truce holds or not is of course another matter, but every day in which it does brings closer the first winter snows, which will bring any ground advance by the Azerbaijani aggressors to a complete standstill.

The best chance for the longer-term security of Armenians, both in Armenia itself and in the NK enclave, is now for the people to reverse the Soros-funded colour revolution of 2018 that put Nikol Pashinian in power. Since this pro-Nato puppet took over, he has tried had to turn Armenia against Russia, which makes the Putin/Lavrov effort to help NK all the more remarkable.

Pashinian's Western masters are happy to see Christians slaughtered in the mountains of Nagorno Karabakh because it gives them the chance to infiltrate Jihadi Islamists into yet another part of the old USSR. We must hope that this wicked and irresponsible extension of the Deep State efforts against Syria makes ordinary Armenians understand who are their real friends.

In the meantime, the Templars commend the efforts by diaspora Armenians and decent Christians in general to build public awareness of the threat posed by Islamist aggression to the mountain Armenians.The first duty of the Russian government is of course to Russia and the Russian people, so - despite the effort to broker the current ceasefire - the Russian state and Armed Forces do not have any special moral obligation to intervene in this conflict. 

The Templars, and indeed all traditionalist Christians, by contrast, have an absolute obligation to stand by our fellow Christians and to help save the Armenians from yet another genocidal assault by their ancient persecutors.