Russia/Ukraine - In-Depth Analysis VIDEO

Russia/Ukraine - In-Depth Analysis VIDEO

This is an IMPORTANT video. It's a long one, but if you really want to know the in-depth truth about the actions of the US Deep State, Russia and Ukraine, then you'll want to make the time to watch it. Scott Ritter is the former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer who became a UN weapons inspector and did more than anyone else to expose the total absence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Now the famous whistle-blower and renowned analyst has turned his attention to the current crisisdoes a deep-dive into why the US establishment hates Putin so much, how wikileaks revealed that as far back as 2009 the USA knew that arming the Ukraine would lead to Putin invading the country, but ignored that knowledge to build up and training military groups to a NATO standard.

He pivots to the reality of how Russia is winning the war, and is going slowly to minimize civilian casualties, and how Zelensky’s call for a no-fly zone is a desperate last attempt to stop the final Russian victory.

He also talks about his previous experience with CNN during the Iraq war, how the MSM has their “experts” set up to parrot pre-rehearsed talking points, and how Western audiences are being fed irrational and emotional lies that have no bearing on reality.
He then moves on to explain the shift from a uni-polar to a multipolar world, from a rules-based order of US dominance based on financial enslavement backstopped by the threat of its military, to a new law-based order in which Russia refuses to be pushed around, or to care about how they are presented to Western audiences. Indeed, he posits the idea that Russia has been so careful and logical with its language because it plans to hold a national “war crimes” trial of US involvement in the Ukraine, so that US criminals are officially ‘on the historical record’ for the world to bear witness.
Finally, he talks about how the sanctions will lead to Russia, who is holding the ace cards of crucial economic resources, coming out much stronger and more self-sufficient, while Europe will see economic collapse if it does not cede to Russian demands for ruble payment. He also says that the West sanctioning and persecution of the oligarchs has helped Putin’s agenda, because it has helped to diminish their political position in Russia, which has always been a threat.
Ritter explains that the West divorcing from Russia’s economy has helped Putin’s agenda for Russian self-sufficiency, as it is a move he could not have made himself due to its political risks (not least due to a short-term dip in living standards). He talks about how the USA has made itself irrelevant in the new order due to its irrational policy decisions based on domestic political considerations. He also talks about how the Russian military, diplomatic service and civil service produce professionals (i.e., it’s a serious country) and how the Russian system, with its strength and meritocracy, is far more than one man. Hence, “getting rid of Putin” would not substantially change the nature of Russia for the benefit of Western interests.
As we say, it's well worth watching if you're tired of MSM propaganda and serious about understanding current events.