Satanic Christmas Tree? Just Tear It Down!

Satanic Christmas Tree? Just Tear It Down!

For a third year in a row, "Christmas in the Park" has allowed a Satanic "Christmas Tree" to be displayed in its "family-oriented" event at Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose, California.

The Satanic tree is decorated with overt Satanic imagery as skulls, inverted crosses, demonic goats and gargoyles.

Every year since the 1950s, San Jose has had a proud record of honouring Christmas with a grand display of Christmas trees. But various anti-Christian groups have moved in to try to hijack and pollute the event, which sees well over half a million visitors come to admire some 500 trees.

This year there is a tree erected by the Satanic Temple, and one that celebrates Colin Kaepernick kneeling on the field. There is also a section of the park set aside for LGBT activists: they placed a Barbie doll alongside an image of Bruce Jenner from the Olympics.

What’s the answer? Christian direct action, that’s what! Tear them down, and make the freaks who put them up aware that they are neither needed nor wanted in the area!