Satanists Hijack Illinois Christmas

Satanists Hijack Illinois Christmas

A Satanic "Christmas" display, 4 1/2 feet tall, is standing in the rotunda of the Illinois Statehouse for a second year in a row. It features a woman's arm holding an apple that is encircled by a serpent.

A plaque below reads "Knowledge is the Greatest Gift."

The [Satanic] display gained national attention in 2018 for the Satanic Temple of Chicago's contribution of a sculpture of a woman's left arm, with a snake coiled around it, holding an apple. The statue is a metaphor representing the biblical story of Adam and Eve, according to two leaders of the Satanist scum, who said the apple was to represent enlightenment.

Various milksop Christians are promoting petitions to remove this abomination. We can think of far more effective actions….