Parents appalled by new 'After School Satan Club'

Parents appalled by new 'After School Satan Club'

A new "After School Satan Club" has started up in an elementary school in California, which is said to have caused a lot of upset amongst parents. 

The Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California has received backlash from parents, many of whom have voiced their opinions in the Techapi Asks, Rants, and Raves Facebook group.

One Facebook user wrote: "It's just sick that they are targeting elementary school kids. Those are babies."

Another wrote: "Truly sad."

The new Satan club is sponsored by the Satanic Temple and Reason Alliance, which should not be confused with the Church of Satan. 

On their website, they list several tenets including "one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason."

Speaking to Fox News, Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the After School Satan Club, defended the move.

He said: "Ours doesn't include items of religious opinion, it just has a self-directed program that guides the children in activities that they want to engage in."

Meetings for the class will start in December and children will have to provide a permission form signed by a parent or guardian before they can attend.