School Strike Girl Is A P.R FAKE!

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School Strike Girl Is A P.R FAKE!

With the climate facts increasingly getting in the way of global warming hysteria, the climate change lobby badly needed a more appealing figurehead than the ageing billionaire carbon credits profiteer Al Gore. So they’ve invented one – 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg.


The man-made climate change hoax was created by the international elite as an excuse for more ‘global governance’ tyranny and to load more taxes on the backs of the working and middle classes. And young Greta’s ‘grass-roots activist’ pose is every bit as synthetic.

It has just emerged that the mother of the global superstar of the climate change movement is Malena Ernman, Sweden’s well-connected but unsuccesful Eurovision Song Contest entry back in 2009.

The official story of Greta’s rise to prominence has been well documented.

Furious at the world’s indifference to climate change, the painfully shy, OCD, Aspergers’ case started to skip school every Friday and plonked herself on the cobblestones outside the Swedish parliament with a hand-drawn wooden sign declaring ‘skolstrejk för klimatet’ (school strike for climate).

After ‘passers-by’ started to share photos of her online, her message spread rapidly and soon inspired hundreds of thousands of children to go on school climate strikes around the world. Things moved quickly from there.

In her calm, soft, perfect English, she put the fear of God into attendees at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland last December, accusing them of leaving the burden of climate change with future generations.

‘I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day,’ she said. She has addressed the European Parliament, the World Economic Forum at Davos and met the Pope.

Meanwhile, corporate executives, politicians, presidents and prime ministers (if not Theresa May, who was busy in a Cabinet meeting when Greta visited) clamour for a selfie with the young activist. In a speech in Parliament last Tuesday, she accused Britain of exploiting fossil fuels. No mention of the fact that the UK’s parliament is imposing a raft of climate change taxes which are costing ordinary Britsat least £18 Billion every year!

But the reality of the girl’s rise to fame is very different. For Greta’s trajectory has less to do w ith her appealingly simple message, and more to do with her very ambitious parents.

Both Malena and Greta’s father Svante — a former actor whose distant relative was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who, in 1896, first calculated the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emissions — put their careers on hold to look after Greta and her younger sister Beata, 13, who has similar medical challenges.

Malena has orchestrated her daughter’s campaign with the help of her friend, PR guru and climate change activist Ingmar Rentzhog (whom she met at a Climate Council Day conference in Stockholm) to put herself back in the public eye.

It was Rentzhog’s climate change profiteering PR firm, We Don’t Have Time, that sent a freelance photographer to the first day of Greta’s solo strike outside the Swedish parliament last August.

A photo was then posted of her clutching her hand-drawn wooden sign on the firm’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Shortly after, Greta was invited on to Rentzhog’s youth advisory board and the firm’s value soared by £1 million.

Just three days after Greta’s initial strike, there was an interview with her parents in Sweden’s top broadsheet newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.

Coincidentally, the following day Malena’s memoir, Scenes From The Heart, about their family, climate change and sustainability was published.

The cover has since been changed from a portrait of Malena to one of Greta.

But not everyone is taken in. The leader of the Sweden Democrats party, Jimmie Akesson, has dismissed Greta’s crusade as a ‘staged promotional campaign’ for the book.

‘This isn’t a spontaneous initiative, this is staged PR campaign which the media has fallen for. That’s how it is,’ he said, adding: ‘It’s commonly known that there’s a PR bureau behind this.’

More than that – there are billionaire carbon trading profiteers, giant alternative energy corporations and a raft of power-hungry globalist politicians behind it!


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