School study book claims 'white people invented racism'

School study book claims 'white people invented racism'

Scottish schoolchildren have been urged to read “woke” books which claim racism was invented by white people.

A literacy project, funded by the Scottish National Party’s administration in Holyrood, is being piloted to help “enlighten” pupils on racial issues.

The publicly-funded project has been titled “Read Woke”, The Telegraph has revealed.

It has even suggested it is impossible for white people to experience racism.

The project is being piloted by South Ayrshire Council by providing classroom teaching material and books for school libraries.

A book included on a primary school reading list includes the illustrated work My Skin Your Skin by Laura Henry-Allain.

The children’s book stated on one page: “Racism started a long time ago when white people wanted to have more control over people who were not white.”

It added: “An example of racism is when white people think they are better than people from other races.”

Tiffany Jewell’s This Book is Anti-Racist also claimed: “Being racist against white people is not a thing.”

The Read Woke website for South Ayrshire indicated that the project which was first piloted in 2021 aims to “awaken our students to a range of important issues, enlighten them, and encourage them to think critically and with empathy when forming opinions”.

Scottish Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville welcomed the “anti-racism focus of the projects” in January 2023.

She argued it would “allow school libraries to engage with pupils on the importance of belonging, inclusion and social justice”.