Scotland, The Bruce & the Knights Templar

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Scotland, The Bruce & the Knights Templar

BANNOCKBURN has long been heralded as Scotland’s finest victory over the English. The battle has been celebrated in verse and song ever since Robert the Bruce defied the odds to send King Edward II’s army “hameward tae think again” in 1314. However, a historian now claims the credit lies not just with the Scots but also with a band of Templar Knights from overseas.

Robert Ferguson, an American lawyer, says a new “statistical analysis” shows that a significant number of Templars arrived in Scotland from other parts of Europe and that they tipped the balance in Bruce’s favour.

The King of France ordered the arrest of any Templars in his country in 1307 – seven years before Bannockburn – and Pope Clement later ordered all European monarchs to follow suit. The surviving Templars went to ground, but did they make an impact at Bannockburn?


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