Scottish Education Secretary says drag queens are part of school 'health' curriculum

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Scottish Education Secretary says drag queens are part of school 'health' curriculum

In February this year, children as young as four attended a Scottish school event featuring a drag queen who goes by “Flowjob." After an online backlash against the event, the local council issued an apology and said that “Flowjob” would not have been invited had they been aware of the content on his social media profile. 

However, despite the critical response online, the school’s headteacher praised the event and local MP Mhairi Black, who was also in attendance, fired back at critics, accusing them of “homophobia.”

Scottish Education Secretary, John Swinney said that such events were “an implicit part of the health and wellbeing part of the curriculum” but that “quite clearly this was an invitation that should not have been issued given the background material that had been on the social media account of the individual concerned.”

“I understand that Renfrewshire Council has apologized for that and I think that's the correct thing for them to have done,” he said.

“Crucially, we have to be sensitive about the invitations that are issued to enable that to be done and in this case that's not been done.”


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