See What’s REALLY Behind Insect Death Crisis

See What’s REALLY Behind Insect Death Crisis

Believers in the Climate Apocalypse cult have been claiming for several years that the crashing of many insect populations is due to ‘global warming’. But it turns out that at least part of the problem is in fact light pollution after all.

Artificial light at night can impact insects in various ways, from driving them elsewhere to changing their development and life cycles.

In their new paper, biologist Avalon Owens of the Tufts University in Massachusetts and colleagues synthesise the results of over 200 independent studies showing the myriad ways in which light pollution impacts the lives of insects across the globe.

Another recent report puts pesticides at the centre of the Insect Apocalypse and estimates that half of all bugs have been lost since 1970.Both the use of pesticides and of artificial lights at night are likely to play big roles in the demise of bugs.

Declining insect numbers are having knock on effects to the global ecosystem — such as reducing North American bird numbers by 3 billion in the last 50 years.

The true environmental tragedy of our times is that blaming these very real problems on fictional ‘man-made global warming’ helps to ensure that they continue to go unaddressed.