Shameless Tories Back Saudi Mass Murder In Yemen

Shameless Tories Back Saudi Mass Murder In Yemen

Behind the backs of the British people, Theresa May’s back-stabbing Tory government has sent brave S.A.S. troopers to help the revolting Saudi regime slaughter civilians in Yemen.


oday’s Mail on Sunday has revealed that British Special Forces have been wounded in the conflict. The report focuses on the fact that the SAS are fighting on the same side as child soldiers.

The paper has reported how Special Boat Service commandos had been wounded during top-secret operations in the conflict that has left millions facing starvation.

There have been repeated claims that Saudi-backed forces have committed war crimes in attacks on the Houthi rebels, who the Saudis regard as heretics.

Just days ago, a hospital was hit by a suspected Saudi air strike on a gas station near a hospital, resulting in the death of at least seven people, including four children.

The Ministry of Defence has previously been forced to defend its support for Saudi Arabia after it emerged that RAF engineers are being used to repair Saudi combat aircraft and, as the MoS previously revealed, British infantry soldiers are training Saudi troops before they deploy to Yemen. The UK also has military liaison officers embedded in the kingdom’s military headquarters.

Tomorrow evening a documentary by Channel 4 Dispatches on Yemen called ‘Britain’s Hidden War’ will challenge more of the UK’s claims about its support for the Saudi military campaign.

The programme includes an interview with a former US diplomatic advisor who spent more than a year at the Saudi military command centre in Riyadh.

Larry Lewis questions the role of US and UK military advisers and suggests they are removed from the decision making process.

He also claims Saudi pilots neglect to check ‘no strike lists’, intended to protect civilians, before dropping their bombs.

The devastation caused by Saudi Arabia’s brutal war threatens to unleash a fresh tide of desperate refugees on the West.