'Silent Secession' Plea From Gab CEO

'Silent Secession' Plea From Gab CEO

“At this point we have no choice but to ‘build our own’ everything. That starts by supporting those who are already building and share our values. It’s not about simply building our own social networking platforms anymore, it’s about building our own Christian economy.” These are the words of Andrew Torba, CEO of the anti-censorship social media platform Gab.

“I am in the process of transitioning every part of my financial expenses to support Christian businesses, Christian media companies, Christian content creators, and Christian people,” he added. “I am done giving my money to The Enemy and funding the destruction of our country and values,” he said, encouraging “everyone else to do the same.”

“Deeply examine the businesses, brands, and media companies you currently support both financially and with your time. If they are not serving God, they are serving Satan.”

Gab has grown massively since liberal rival cancelled Donald Trump and axed hundreds of thousands of conservative and traditional Christians' accounts. But its Orthodox Christian CEO has explained that his operation is under massive assault: “Over the course of the past week Gab has been deplatformed by one of our banks, a business we were working with to source new server hardware, third-party infrastructure analysis software, and even our accountant,” Torba has announced. He also noted that Gab has been deplatformed by more than 25 service providers, including Apple and Google. 

The development does not, however, worry him unduly: “I rejoice and praise God because I know that He is working to separate the wheat from the chaff,” the Christian tech founder said. 

"We have naively believed that pagans and others would not cut us down the moment they got into power as we are seeing unfold before our eyes over the past few decades,” Torba added. “Lesson learned.”

In response, he called for a “silent secession” of Christians in a blog post earlier this week, urging conservatives to boycott Big Tech and other leftist companies.

“Talk to your kids about these things,” he urged. “Homeschool them if at all possible. Cut the cable cord. Delete the Big Tech apps from their phones and your own. We have a lot of work to do, but remember that we have the Creator of the Universe on our side. Through Him all things are possible.” 

The CEO also slammed cancel culture and critical race theory, calling the latter “a demonic imitation gospel” that “must be mocked, shunned, and rebuked by all Christians.” Critical theory “preys on the malleable minds of our youth. It enslaves those who practice it and seeks to destroy those who do not,” he said.