Somalia “Safer Than London”

Somalia “Safer Than London”

War-torn Somalia is SAFER than London! Hundreds of British-based parents are sending their teenage children back to East Africa to avoid the knife crime epidemic that has struck London and has already seen 51 murders this year. 

And the teenagers say they feel safer there, despite the Foreign and Commonwealth office advising against all travel to Somalia and warning against the threat of terrorism across the war-ravaged country.

One Somali mother, Amina, was interviewed on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme and told the harrowing story of how her 15-year-old son was stabbed four times, just 17 days after he returned from a year-long stay in their homeland.

 She said: ‘They damaged his bladder, his kidneys, his liver. He’s got permanent damage.

‘He was safer there [in Somaliland] than he was here, 100 per cent more safe than in London.’

Last year the Foreign Office named Somalia the 13th most dangerous country in the world due to its constant threat of terrorism.

And yet two in five Somalian families in London are sending their children home to avoid the knife crime epidemic hitting the capital, according to the mayor of Islington.

The Labour politician failed to explain either how fellow Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan has failed so badly to make London safe – or why supposed ‘refugees’ are so able and willing to send their children home to the place from which they fled ‘in fear of their lives’.