Soros & Israel Stabbed Besieged Christians In The Back

Soros & Israel Stabbed Besieged Christians In The Back

The worlds' media have turned away, but the Armenian Christians displaced by Turkish Islamist ethnic cleansing attacks are still suffering. The Templars covered this war - and the Western elite's disgraceful betrayal of our Armenian brothers and sisters in Christ - at considerable length.

We said at the time that the Christian defeat in Nagorno Karabakh was a stab in the back by a Soros/CIA funded puppet regime in Armenia, and that the Turkish aggressors were only able to win the war with the help of advanced military technology (including the latest generation of drones) from Israel.

In an interview with Free West Media, a spokesman for the Armenians resisting this betrayal has given a detailed analysis which shows we were right. Arthur Danielyan is leader of the Armenian opposition movement “Adekvat”, which faces serious persecution from the liberal authorities in the country. He volunteered in the Nagorno Karabakh war. 

Below are extracts from the very important interview

FWM. What are you and your movement being accused of?

Danielyan: Throughout last two and a half years we were accused of disseminating disinformation and fear mongering. Now it has turned out that every single warning we issued has been substantiated and that we were correct all along. Those in power have since switched the narrative of their propaganda machine: We are now being accused of “spreading hate”. The truth is that back in spring 2018 a coup d’état had taken place in Armenia sponsored by foreign powers..... In reality, we didn’t even stand a chance to fight back as our enemies were both facing us and among us, in our own capitol city.


FWM. The peace agreement with Azerbaijan regarding Arztakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is considered in Armenia as a defeat, Prime Minister Pashinyan is being viewed as responsible for it by many people. What did he do wrong?

Danielyan: First off, it’s not a defeat, it is a capitulation. Obviously, Pashinyan is the main responsible actor regardless of his actions.....During the aggression, he withheld troops and ammunition from the frontline and kept spreading disinformation regarding the actual state of affairs in order to keep the public from interfering. Finally, he had rejected every single mediation offer from Moscow that could have stopped the war at a much earlier stage. Basically, he had waited till the point of no return so that there would be no alternative but capitulation.....


FWM. Pashinyan is seen by many also as a “man of Soros”…

Danielyan: Well, the absolute majority of his team members are in one way or another sponsored by funds affiliated with George Soros. Moreover, the Armenian capitulation was long propagated by Soros. Soros himself had called upon the international community to assist Erdogan and Aliyev in every way possible. All along, the destructive path of Pashinyan’s “Soros acolytes” where at the forefront of his treacherous endeavors.


You and many of your comrades served in the war against Azerbaijan. What can you tell us about your mission?

Danielyan: What can a soldier recount about a war he lost because he was stabbed in the back? The state of our people right now is a mixture of feeling betrayed, disillusioned, enraged and depressed. I can’t even tell you when and how the trauma will be possible to overcome. We voluntarily joined the armed forces from day one, and we were ready to die protecting our homeland, and now we envy those who had died instead of us and do not have to live with the disgraceful outcome of this treason.


FWM. It is said that Azerbaijan used extremist volunteers and mercenaries from Syria for its wars – with Turkish help. What is do you know about this?

Danielyan: The fact that extremists and mercenaries were widely utilized raises no doubt. We have gathered more than enough evidence with numerous examples of that from prisoners to ID’s recovered from their corpses. These mercenaries however are an unalienable part of modern western-style armies, hence it would be incorrect to discuss them as being separate from the Turkish regular army, which by the way is a NATO member. I should also add that as far as military efficiency is concerned, our main problem was Israeli technology rather than their manpower.