South Africa – Failed State

South Africa – Failed State

Despite the blackout on mainstream fake news media, we all know about the ongoing slow motion genocide of the white Boer minority in South Africa.

But even less well known is the fact that the country is rapidly sinking into failed state anarchy, with waves of murderous attacks directed against migrants from other parts of Africa.

Recent months have seen waves of murders in which mobs of locals hunt down immigrants who are beaten or hacked to death, or doused with petrol/gasoline and set alight.  If the victim is not burning fast or effectively enough, the chanting and screaming mob tosses cardboard and other flammables onto the burning person, to make sure he burns well.

There are videos of the murders, but they are too horrible to show. These still photographs are enough to illustrate what is going on.

The extent of the collapse of once-stable South Africa is shown by the fact that the Defence Minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, has declared that nothing can be done to stop these waves of xenophobic attacks: “The attacks against foreigners in South Africa were planned by criminals and the government can’t prevent it” and “The reality is that we have an angry nation. What’s happening can never be prevented by any government.”

As the country collapses under corrupt and useless government, angry Africans place more and more blame on the immigrants who have poured in from other parts of the continent, where the post-colonial rulers have been in power even longer and the situation is even worse.