Spain will keep registry of people who refuse Covid-19 vaccine

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Spain will keep registry of people who refuse Covid-19 vaccine

Spain will set up a registry of people who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and share the list with other EU states, health minister Salvador Illa said on Monday. 

While vaccines will not be mandatory, Illa said a list would be drawn up of 'those people who have been offered it and have simply rejected it', after a government vaccination plan called for studying 'possible reasons for reluctance'. 

Illa told La Sexta television that the registry would be shared with European countries 'as is done with other treatments', although employers or members of the public will not have access to it. 

A survey published last month found that 28 per cent of Spaniards were unwilling to take a Covid-19 vaccine.

An official vaccine plan published on December 2 confirmed that the vaccine would be voluntary, but called for a registry of refusals to be kept. 

'It is important to record cases of vaccination refusal in the Vaccination Registry, with the purpose of knowing the possible reasons for reluctance in different population groups,' the document said. 


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