California mayor spanked by drag queen, in front of children

California mayor spanked by drag queen, in front of children

A Democrat mayor in California has been videoed being spanked by a drag queen during a party fundraiser, but he and sympathetic media say the real controversy is that anyone reacted negatively.

The video was taken during Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser over the weekend and shows Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony getting spanked by drag queen Roxy Wood to attendees’ amusement.

Wood had advertised the event as “not suitable for children” and open to people age 15 and up. Anthony himself commented on the Instagram video, “Jealous???”

“This is an excellent example of the humiliation a man will subject himself to in order to pander to the degenerate alphabet cult crowd,” reacted State Assembly candidate James Clarke in the Instagram comments. “He debases the honor of elected office every time he appears in public.”

KTLA reported that Santa Clarita Valley Democrats said nobody younger than 18 was present, and Anthony addressed the controversy during a Burbank City Council meeting on Tuesday. “There were some shenanigans, some silly stuff happened, it was all fun and games,” he said. “Unbeknownst to the people in attendance, there was a secret video that was made and then shared to a very prominent hate group,” leading to “some of the most vile hate speech that I have ever seen.”

A Los Angeles Times headline also decided the real story was the video having “fueled a flood of anti-LGBTQ hate.”

“Suddenly now that I’m associating with queer folks, I am ‘unbecoming of a mayor,'” Anthony complained to the Times. “Nobody had any problem with me beforehand, and all of the shenanigans I participated in as a public official, because they found it hilarious and heartwarming and [saw me as] a man of the people who behaves outside the norm of our stuffy democracy.”

In July, Anthony dismissed controversy over Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, which includes graphic depictions of sexual relations between a man and a boy that libraries across the country have made available to minors despite having been described as pornographic, first by asking if people were objecting to “simply a book that has a gay person in it,” then after being given examples of its graphic material on the grounds that middle school is when children begin to learn about sex anyway.