SPLC spill beans on YOUR Replacement

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SPLC spill beans on YOUR Replacement

“You can’t stop it. It’s been planned for a while.” That’s the dispossession of Majority America they’re talking about – and it’s in a lecture by the far-left, ‘anti-racist’ Southern Poverty Law Center.


Watch this secretly filmed footage – and remember it next time someone tries to tell you that the Great Replacement through mass immigration and demographic change is a “far-right conspiracy theory.”

Because it’s real. And it was planned from the start. In every European-founded country on the planet. By the same sort of people as run the SPLC!

What’s the answer? Well, the first step is for young ‘white supremacists’ to stop launching wicked and counter-productive attacks on places of worship or innocent bystanders, and to organise their lives so as to have children of their own. Lots of children, because whining about being ‘replaced’ while remaining childless is, frankly, just pathetic!

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