State-enforced gender ideology lets pedophiles escape justice

State-enforced gender ideology lets pedophiles escape justice

Perhaps keen-eyed readers will notice some weird inconsistencies in a story recently reported this month in the U.K. press:

"A 51-year-old woman has been charged after a teenage boy was allegedly sexually assaulted in a town centre. Osareen Omoruyi, aged 51, of Ducklington Lane in Witney, was charged today (February 9) with two counts each of sexual assault by penetration and causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

"The charges are in connection with an incident that occurred on Wednesday evening (February 7) near Witan Way in Witney. The boy did not know his alleged attacker, Thames Valley Police said.

"Officers attended the scene before making an arrest and charging Omoruyi. She remains in police custody and is due to appear at Oxford Magistrates’ Court tomorrow (February 10)."

You guessed it: the alleged rapist is not, in fact, a woman, but a tall, burly man who identifies as a woman. Omoruyi is a recent migrant to the U.K. from Guyana; Reduxx reported that a “series of photos posted by Omoruyi one year ago show him at the Grantley International Airport in Barbados, and on the plane heading to the United Kingdom.” Photos show Omoruyi dressed as a woman; he frequently posts photos of himself in women’s clothing to social media, as well. Despite that, he is very obviously a man; a press release from the Thames Valley Police didn’t even identify him as a “transgender” woman – just as a woman.

His male victim, meanwhile, now has state-enforced gender ideology on top of the trauma of sexual assault by a man – his attacker is recognized as a woman, with a female penis, and will presumably be both tried and (hopefully) convicted as a woman. This must be utterly confusing for someone trying to process an assault, just as it is disgusting that female victims have been forced to refer to their male attackers as “she,” making an already horrifying situation worse. But in transgender clown world, the feelings of a delusional trans-identifying male migrant who loves cross-dressing, drag events, and pornography are more important than the feelings of his victim.

If you don’t think that trans-identifying predators being treated with kid gloves isn’t a trend, consider some recent headlines from Reduxx, which carefully tracks attacks by trans-identifying abusers.

From Germany: “Trans-Identified Pedophile Spared Prison After Claiming He Viewed Child Porn To Help Him Develop His ‘Gender Identity.’”

From Australia: “Transgender TikToker Pleads Guilty to Child Sexual Abuse Charges.”

From America: “Transgender Inmate Who Raped Infants Deemed Sexually Violent Predator After Previously Securing Release.”

From Canada: “Metro Vancouver Transit Police Say They ‘Don’t Know’ Whether Sexual Assault Suspect Is Male Or Female Despite Having Semen Evidence.”

You get the picture. Gender ideology has permeated the judiciary and law enforcement, and now they are forced to “live by lies.” I’m sure some of them believe all this stuff, but there’s no way most average, blue collar police officers chasing down criminals think that the brawny child-rapist they just took down is actually a woman, entitled to be treated like a woman. Reports over the past few years have indicated that suddenly, more women are abusing children. Is it true? Of course not. The reality is that male abusers are identifying as women – some for fetishistic reasons, and plenty of others because the woman card is sometimes a get out of jail free card, as we can see.

Trans activists insist that we are witnessing an ongoing “trans genocide” and that even comedians who dare to joke about them should be censured and driven out of polite society. As with so many of their claims, this is not only untrue but the opposite of the truth – the trans movement wields so much power that even men who rape children can sometimes avoid prison simply by claiming to be trans.