Another statue toppled, cathedral set on fire as desecration continues

Another statue toppled, cathedral set on fire as desecration continues

Desecration of Catholic churches and symbols of the faith continues with reports emerging this week from opposite ends of the Earth.   

In the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was vandalized at the Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace.  

In a video of the statue attack, a man can be seen climbing behind a fence at the front of the Coney Island church in broad daylight, tearing down the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and tossing it onto the sidewalk below.  

As a result, the Blessed Mother’s face was smashed and her hands were broken off.   

The statute was valued at $4,000, and its desecration has reportedly hit the financially struggling parish hard.  

Police are still looking for the culprit whose face is clearly visible in still pictures derived from the video. 

On the other side of the planet, in Lismore, Australia, an early morning fire in the sacristy of St. Carthage’s Cathedral has been deemed suspicious by authorities and is under investigation by the local arson squad, according to  

Although the fire spread to the roof of the church above the sacristy, firefighters were able to contain the fire.  The main part of the Cathedral was spared, as was the tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament. 

“A damaged building is only a building, the Church remains undamaged because the Church is the people of God,” said Bishop Greg Homeming, OCD.

The site of the fire at the Cathedral is being treated as a crime scene.