Stop Funding the WHO

Stop Funding the WHO

With even the Johnson regime talking about slashing Britain’s huge foreign aid, the UK's handouts to the World Health Organisation should be first for the chop.

Now that Donald Trump has stopped  the USA’s subsidy to the global communist WHO, the UK is the biggest donor, our $463.4 million ‘donation’ in 2018/19 is set to rise steeply as the WHO bureaucrats demand even more. Britain also tops the list of ‘core voluntary contributions’, which us cost around £50 million every year.

Britain gives the WHO more even than Bill Gates, who uses his ‘donations’ to steer the global body to favour vaccines and other ‘medical’ supplies produced by companies he controls.

The World Health Organisation was at the centre of pushing the covid-panic that led to the lockdown disaster. If that isn’t bad enough, the WHO aggressively pushes abortion worldwide and campaigns for the sexualisation of children and the promotion of gender ideology in classrooms.

Among the programmes that the World Health Organisation spends your taxes on are:

  • Promoting the killing of babies up until birth as a “human right”
  • Working with baby-parts merchants Planned Parenthood
  • Forcing doctors to perform sex reassignment surgery on children
  • Teaching masturbation to children as young as four years old
  • Promoting homosexuality in primary schools
  • Vaccination programmes that have killed and injured huge numbers of victims

A small number of EU states, particularly Sweden, Germany, Norway, Belgium and Denmark, make large direct payments to the WHO, and the entire European Union contributes to its anti-human activities through the European Commission, which hands over hundreds of millions every year.