Stop This Sitting Duck Madness!

Stop This Sitting Duck Madness!

As warmongering MSM outlets delight in publishing photos and footage of the huge 'Western' fleet heading into Chinese waters, it is our duty to add our voice to the all-too muted warnings against such madness.

Here is the unpalatable truth: Giant battlefleets are the 21st Century equivalent of columns of men in red coats in the Boer War, and aircraft carriers are as out-of-date and vulnerable as cavalry regiments in 1914. The Chinese (and several other nations in the sights of the Anglo-Zionist liberal elite) have hypersonic, ship-killing missiles which will obliterate such sitting ducks in the first day of war.

The globalist elite have spent several decades climbing into bed with the Chinese; they have systematically deindustrialised the West, killing off the vast majority of our industrial capacity in the belief that the Chinese would be happy to be their cheap labour, mass production coolies and would submit to their 'values'. Too late, they realise they were wrong. The Chinese will not continue to do the work, while the private and grotesquely misnamed US Federal Reserve bank continues to create the world's trading currency out of thin air and pocket the usurious profits. The Chinese are also making it very clear that they do not accept the 'liberal values' which have already all-but destroyed the Christian West. 

So, on top of being set up for shattering losses as soon as the shooting starts, the 'West' has also already lost any long war of attrition. If hostilities - or even a real Cold War - shut off the supply of materials and goods from China, there's not a 'Western' nation which would be able to continue functioning, let alone fight a war. China is now the world's dominant economic power and is allied with Russia, which - despite spending a fraction of what the US military-industrial complex gouges out of American taxpayers -  is now the world's most effective military machine.

The only way to beat China would be to nuke the place. Which is not a real option, because the Chinese have nukes of their own. Nothing like as many as Washington, but enough to launch retaliatory strikes which make the idea unthinkable for anyone less insane than the Biden junta and its Nato puppet regimes.

The very first rule of conflict is not to start a war one cannot win. So picking a fight with China is an act of stunning, suicidal stupidity. If the Chinese were hell-bent on world conquest, it might, despite that, be better to fight them now, rather than later. But they are NOT. The Chinese just aren't like that, they never have been. 

As early as late Roman times, Chinese shipbuilding technology was so advanced that they sent a fleet to Arabia, reaching the edge of the Roman Empire itself. Then they went home. Between 1405 and 1433 Admiral Cheng Ho commanded seven grand voyages by massive fleets built with cutting-edge technology. These sailed as far as Ceylon and even Africa, advertising the might of Imperial China before, again, withdrawing. The Chinese take a Sino-centric view of the world; apart from bouts of tourism to stare at foreign curiosities, they really don't have any interest in or use for ideas or peoples who aren't Chinese. From medieval times right through to their current collective rejection of 'Western liberalism', they understand what 'we' never understood - that colonialism doesn't just oppress the colonised, it also degrades and ultimately pollutes the colonists. In their own, quiet, way, the Chinese are - after the Jews - the most 'racist' people on the planet. They don't want to conquer the world, because that would mean having far too much contact with the world and with other peoples. They would be far happier to trade with us, but keep the rather smelly barbarians at bay.  

Furthermore, history shows us that the Chinese can build large armies. They will fight and sacrifice in defence of their homeland. They are competent and brave soldiers. But they are not a warlike people; they are not 'born warriors'.

So why pick a fight with China? The real reason seems to be that the Washington/Wall Street axis have finally realised that their own policies have so hollowed out the US economy that they have thrown away their old dominance of the world. They see 'regime change' in Russian and China as the only way to restore it, by installing liberal puppet occupation governments in those currently sovereign countries. The sabre-rattling is intended to force their rivals to invest so much money in defence that their economies crumble and their people can be manipulated into CIA/Soros-sponsored 'coloured revolutions'. That's the plan, at least.

The propaganda reasons for the confrontation are even worse. Every newscast whipping up Sinophobia is based on one of just three terrible Chinese 'crimes' and 'human rights violations'. We are encouraged to support a possible war with China because: One, they would ban 'gay marriage' in Taiwain. Two, they arrested Antifa demonstrators in Hong Kong. Three, they have taken tough measures to clamp down in Islamist terrorism and the Salafist ideology which creates it in their Muslim western provinces.

Occasionally, we are also told that 'the Chinese persecute Christians'. Even this is a half-truth. Christianity is growing rapidly in China. No-one is persecuted for being a Christian, but Western-backed sects which hold services in homes rather than registered churches are viewed as subversive CIA fronts and suppressed. Traditionalist Catholics also encounter problems, because the Chinese authorities have a close relationship with the Vatican and support the official Catholic church in China, which is recognised by Rome. The trads are up against the strong Chinese sense of order and obedience to the proper authorities.

That's wrong, of course, and we are very much on the side of Tridentine mass Catholics wherever they may be. But if you want to go to war with countries which interfere with the rights of Christians to worship, then you need to add Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, Canada and Australia to your hit list. And even, when covid lockdowns provide the excuse, Holland, France, Ireland, the UK and California. 

So the current sabre-rattling against China is as hypocritical and unfounded as it is dangerous. The Chinese, like the Russians before them, have now made it crystal clear that they will not be intimidated, and that - if they are forced so far into a corner that they have to fight - they will not pussy-foot around. For a start, that entire Nato fleet now positioning itself for a first strike (as per Nato doctrine) against China will itself be vapourised. Thousands of our sailors will die, and they will die for less than nothing, for the thoroughly evil cause of the tyrant elite which has seized control of 'the West'.

We pray to God that this does not come to pass. And you should pray too, because this adventurist madness has brought the world back to the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The military planners may be in 1914, but the rest of us are back in 1962!