The STUNNING Tomar Templar Castle

The STUNNING Tomar Templar Castle

This is a ‘Must See’!!! It’s not just another simple castle – it’s an absolute masterpiece – the Knights Templar’s Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal. Indeed, the whole of this priceless small city is a Templar creation.

Whatever your reason for visiting the city, climbing up to the Templar castle and discovering the monumental work of the Convent of Christ is a must. The Charola (Rotunda) is the oldest part.

This Templar chapel was built in the 12th century, like the castle, which was at the time the Kingdom’s most up-to-date and advanced military set-up, inspired by the fortifications of the Holy Land.

It was converted into a Chancel during the restoration works ordered by King Manuel I in the 16th century, when the complex gained the architectural splendour, kept intact to this day, which earned it World Heritage Site status.

The influence of the Knights Templar in the Kingdom of Portugal left marks that will never be forgotten.