Supply Chains Start to Snap

Supply Chains Start to Snap

It begins! As the lockdown/climate dismantling of our society gathers pace, supply chains across the developed world are starting to snap. The excuses differ from country to country, but the underlying reason is the same: the global elite's deliberate destruction of the means of production, distribution and exchange - all just part of the Great Reset Great Sacrifice to the revived Earth Goddess of the 'New Age'.

This piece from Reuters explains the current state of play:

Before supply chain breakdowns and shortages swept the world in the wake the COVID pandemic, buying the bits and pieces for an assembly line was often as easy as clicking a button and waiting a few days or, at most, a few weeks for delivery.

Not anymore.

Shortages of metals, plastics, wood and even liquor bottles are now the norm.

The upshot is a world where buyers must wait for delivery of items that were once plentiful, if they can get them at all. Rash has piles of tents she can’t ship because she can’t get the right aluminum tubing for their frames, for instance, while others lack the right zippers.

Along with the shortages come hefty price increases, which has fueled fears of a wave of sustained inflation.

There’s growing tension among Federal Reserve policymakers over how to gauge the long-term impact on prices. Some Fed policymakers are more convinced than others that price pressures will recede after some of the supply chain disruptions are resolved. How this debate evolves could influence how quickly the Fed moves to reduce the pace of asset purchases launched at the start of the pandemic, and how soon it lifts the policy interest rate from its current level near zero.

Rash and other local producers were part of a wide ranging forum recently with Richmond Fed president Tom Barkin that focused on the challenges to the U.S. recovery posed by supply chain issues that are not getting resolved as fast as policymakers had hoped.


There's the Big Lie, of course - because they have never hoped that the problems would be resolved. They were meant to happen, because it's all part of their plan to 'reduce our carbon footprint'. Ours, of course, not theirs!

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