Christian charities merge to better support families

Christian charities merge to better support families

UK: Christian charities Safe Families and Home for Good have announced they will be joining forces to provide enhanced support services to children and families amid a growing social care crisis.

Together, the charities work to prevent children and young people entering the care system through practical and emotional support.

There are currently more than 100,000 children in the care system in the UK, with over 38,000 expected to enter it for the first time this year.

Tarn Bright, CEO at Home for Good said the need for support is great:

“It’s an ever increasing challenge that is being faced from every local authority, finding more children and young people. In fact at the moment, one in four entering the care system are 16 and above and we’ve never seen that before.”

This figure has increased by 30 per cent in the past 14 years, following budget cuts to local authorities, decreased support services, and increased pressure on families, leaving thousands more in need of care.

Safe Families and Home for Good said a merger, which is expected to take four months, will enable them to pool their resources and equip more churches to serve families and local authorities and decrease the number of children entering care.

Kat Osborn, CEO of Safe Families highlighted the importance of working in partnership with local churches to prevent the number of children in care from increasing but also to ensure there is a home for every child that needs one in the care system.

“The role that the Church can play in this space is wide and deep and significant and this coming together should enable us to do that more affectively and make it easier for everybody to play their part,” she added.