Unlicensed surgeon's mobile circumcision service, performing 'ritual' operations on Muslim boys

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Unlicensed surgeon's mobile circumcision service, performing 'ritual' operations on Muslim boys

An alleged unlicensed surgeon has appeared in court accused of running a mobile circumcision service to perform 'ritual' operations on dozens of Muslim and Christian children as young as two days old.

Mohammad Siddiqui, 54, allegedly carried out the procedures without a licence across the West Midlands between 2015 and 2019, causing unnecessary pain and suffering. 

Siddiqui is said to have provided the boys a prescription-only anaesthetic despite not being an appropriate practitioner, and sometimes used creams instead, causing the boys unnecessary pain.

He allegedly used a technique called the 'plastibell procedure' not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Siddiqui did not carry resuscitation equipment in the event of a serious incident or an adverse reaction, it was claimed.

On one occasion, a 15-year-old boy was reportedly rushed to hospital after suffering from an adverse reaction following his circumcision.

Judge Cahill granted Siddiqui conditional bail and adjourned his plea and trial preparation hearing until 28 January.

Siddiqui faces 39 charges including assault occasioning actual bodily harm; parenterally administering, other than to self, a prescription only medicine, when not an appropriate practitioner; and child cruelty.

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