GP surgery asks parents if their BABY is trans

GP surgery asks parents if their BABY is trans

A GP practice in Birmingham, UK asks parents whether their newborns are trans or non-binary in a New Patient Registration Form, as well as giving parents the choice of registering their baby's gender as 'other' or 'not stated'. 

Woodgate Valley Health Centre insisted the form was used by new patients of all ages wishing to register, not just newborns.

We understand the form is not part of national NHS policy. Instead each surgery can decide to add extra gender options to their forms.

Taking to Twitter, one woman attached a screenshot of the registration form that a friend who had recently given birth was presented with.

Under its gender options, the surgery offers 'male (including trans man)', 'female (including trans woman)', 'non-binary', 'other (not listed)' or 'not stated'.

Woodgate Valley Health Centre told The Sun the form was a 'standard new patient registration form for any new patient'.

It 'includes, but is not limited to, parents registering a newborn baby', they added.

Woke language changes have engulfed NHS communications in recent months.

Earlier this year, health secretary Steve Barclay ordered an urgent investigation into new 'inclusive' guidelines that tell NHS staff to treat all patients as gender-neutral.

The 16-page document was produced by researchers who received a £164,964 government grant to study how clinicians could improve their communication with LGBT patients.

They presented their findings as ‘evidence-based guidance’ for them to follow.

But health experts have warned de-gendering medical advice could be dangerous as it over-complicates and obscures vital health messaging.

Last year, the Health Service also came under fire for removing the word ‘women’ from its advice pages on the menopause and ovarian and womb cancer.