Swedes Try To Obliterate Nature

Swedes Try To Obliterate Nature

At one level, this hideous little video is about the use of ruthless brainwashing in the effort to turn the next generation of Swedes into confused, genderless freaks against nature.


At preschools across the country, toddlers are addressed by gender-neutral pronouns, encouraged to play at games commonly associated with the other sex, and forced to overcome natural tendencies toward aggression or passivity, according to a March 24 article in the New York Times.

The State curriculum “urges teachers and principals to embrace their role as social engineers,” the Times article declares, despite the fact that the effect of this teaching method on children “is still unclear.”

But look at who the video about all this is by, at who is promoting this cultural Marxist poison, and it tells us a whole lot more.

Because behind it is the World Economic Forum. That’s the super elite globalist business club that meets every year at Davos in Switzerland. So while the most aggressive foot-soldiers of gender confusion and feminism are on the left, they are in fact nothing more than the useful idiots of the most powerful and greedy global corporations on the planet.

According to political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, who is credited with inventing the phrase “Davos Man”, these are people who “have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the élite’s global operations”.

In his 2004 article “Dead Souls: The Denationalization of the American Elite”, Huntington argues that this international perspective is a minority elitist position not shared by the nationalist majority of the people.

Hernando de Soto Polar of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy attributes a similar concept to Fernand Braudel, referring to it as the “bell jar”. Although internationally connected, each country’s elite lives in a bell jar in the sense of being out of touch with its own populace. Their isolation fosters a tendency to be oblivious to the fate of their fellow citizens.

Which also accounts for their equally fanatical support for mass immigration and Islamisation. The soft conservative ‘right’, libertarians, Objectivists and similar folks need to wise up to the fact that the destruction of nations, traditions and identities is not primarily the work of the socialist left, but of the global corporations. The problem these days is not really the hammer and sickle, but the Golden Calf!