Synagogue Shooter Targeted Christians

Synagogue Shooter Targeted Christians

The lying press have really outdone themselves this time. A lone Wolfe, armed to the teeth, targeting Christians, Jews and Muslims, has, somehow, been turned into an anti-Semitic terror attack.

The shooter referred to Christians as Christ Kikes!

Yes, his initial target was a synagogue, but if journalists had done even an hour of research, they would have discovered the shooter wrote in his manifesto that Christians were one of his main targets. One victim was an innocent Muslim, the other was an elderly, Christian German woman, murdered in cold blood. In the eyes of the fake news journalists, their lives matter less than scorch damage on a Synagogue.

But anti-Christian terror attacks don't sell papers!

In fact, far from being the neo-nazi terrorist the media have portrayed, his manifesto clearly demonstrates that anyone who crossed his path, male of female, young or old, Jew or Gentile, was a target. This is the modis operandi of the fake news media: lies by omissions, all to forward their own internationalist agenda!