Taliban and Heroin - The Truth

Taliban and Heroin - The Truth

Among the lurid headlines popping up in the wake of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan are some quoting so-called 'experts' claiming that it will lead to a fresh flood of heroin, particularly into Europe. If that was true, it would mean that a case could be made for some sort of Western military involvement over there.

But it isn't. In fact - as is so often the case when the mainstream fake news media get their teeth into a propaganda hoax - the truth is exactly the opposite. When the Taliban first came to power in 2001, they quickly set about stamping out the growing of heroin poppies.

It was only after they were overthrown by US and British forces that the corrupt liberal puppet regime that was set up in their place allowed farmers to go back to growing the opium poppies from which heroin is produced. Some of the poison was then used by a new generation of addicts in Afghanistan, but most of it was shipped to Europe. Much of it was rumoured to go via giant US airbase Bondsteel which protects the Islamist narco-terror state established in Serbian Kosovo by Nato's equally criminal war on Christian Serbia.

There are persistent rumours/reports/allegations that the CIA itself is now in the hands of a criminal elite-linked cartel and is central to the heroin trade, using profits from it to fund all sorts of nefarious activities.

To what extent that is true we are unsure. But here is something which is certain:

At the same Kabul press conference on Tuesday where the Taliban spokesman condemned the censorship practices of Facebook, he also announced that The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will once again become a narcotics-free country.

Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that all of the opium and heroin production which has been run by the US military for the last two decades will end, and the country will go back to the drug-free way it was before the Nato invasion on the false pretence of punishing the (Saudi) perpetrators of 9/11.

The Taliban spokesman stated that "We are assuring our countrymen and women and the international community, that we will not produce any narcotics. In 2001, if you remember, we had brought narcotics content production to zero in 2001, but unfortunately our country was then occupied and the way was paved for reproduction of narcotics even at the level of the government – everybody was involved.

'But from now on, nobody’s going to get involved, nobody can be involved in drug smuggling. Today, when we entered Kabul, we saw a large number of our youth who was sitting under the bridges or next to the walls and they were using narcotics. This was so unfortunate. I was saddened to see these young people without any faith in the future. From now on, Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country but it needs international assistance. The international community should help us so that we can have alternative crops. We can provide alternative crops. Then, of course, very soon, we can bring it to an end.'

Rather than raging powerlessly about the Taliban's traditionalist stance against things such as feminism and LGBTQ perversion, the West would do well to take them up on that offer. There is a world-wide shortage of opiates for legitimate medical use, so doing a deal to buy the raw material from Afghanistan, so both helping to stamp out the heroin trade and also lowering the price of medical opiates would be a major business deal which would suit everyone except the drug dealers.

How the Taliban run their own country is absolutely no business of theirs. If they want to dress their women in big black sacks, or cut off the hands of criminal scum, or ban abortion and homosexuality, what possible business is it of ours? But the heroin epidemic IS our concern. To see the ousting of the corrupt narco-regime in Kabul is therefore something we welcome. The West lost the long war in Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean we should refuse to engage with the victors when it is in our interests to do so.

Afghan 'refugees' are NOT wanted or needed here. Nor is the heroin which the Taliban have vowed - once more - to stop. Time to end the liberal whining and move on like grown ups!