Taqiyya , Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

Taqiyya , Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

Saudi Arabia knows nothing about Islamic extremism. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything! Taqiyya is the Islamic doctrine that permits a Muslim to lie to an Infidel in order to save himself from persecution or so as to advance the Jihad to spread Islam. And this age-old system of deceit is clearly alive and well in Saudi Arabia!

This is what comes out of an interview between Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic and Saudi’s 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The enthusiastic head-chopper has spent the last couple of years (when he hasn’t been ordering the torture-murder of journalists) trying to reinvent himself as a Western-style ‘moderate’. To do so, he resorts to some of the most ridiculous efforts at deceit to have come from any Islamist for some time.

He says, for example: “Islam is a religion of peace. This is the translation of Islam.” Err, no, sorry. ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’ – AFTER which you may get some peace while (if they follow MBS’s ultra-puritan version) your new masters take a piece of this and cut off a piece of that).

The Saudi dictator then tries to blame Iran for the spread of Muslim terrorism, despite the facts that Al Qaeda and ISIS are both hardline Sunni groups which particularly hate Iran, and that Iran has done more than any state other than Syria and Russia to fight Islamic ‘rebels’ in Syria.

When Goldberg pointed out that the Wahhabi fundamentalist ideology of Saudi Arabia long predates the Iranian revolution of 1979, MBS shamelessly responded that he has no idea what “Wahhabism” is.

“This Wahhabism—please define it for us,” he asked Goldberg. “We’re not familiar with it. We don’t know about it.”

In simple terms: It is the religious fundamentalist ideology of both Al Qaeda and ISIS, and it not only arose in Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia spends BILLIONS every year exporting its vile extremism to every Sunni Muslim population on the planet!