Tax-Dodging Amazon Abuses Christians

Tax-Dodging Amazon Abuses Christians

They bend over backwards to ban anything that could possibly offend Muslims, American Indians, Jews, homosexuals or transsexuals , but Amazon thinks it’s just fine to sell tacky Halloween costumes that are deeply insulting and hurtful to Christians.

A sexually aroused priest, a pregnant nun, and a cheap and nasty outfit that combines a nun’s habit with stockings and suspenders.

These and other ‘joke’ costumes are all being sold through Amazon in the run-up to Halloween. The tax-dodging liberal Big Tech giant has turned a deaf ear and an arrogant blind eye to complaints by a wide range of Christian organisations.

Can you imagine what would happen if Amazon sold a costume mocking Mohammad?

We’re sure you can! Similarly, you know that if any company ridiculed a stereotypical rabbi, then a combination of advertising boycotts and other commercial pressure would close them down within days. And any corporation that dared to be less than 100% LGBTQ+ friendly would face demonstrations and hysterical attacks on a daily basis.

But Christians are fair game!

But true believers can make their own point with a personal boycott.

We can all encourage others to do the same. And we can pray for the day when the good Lord decides that it is time to end this time of Unbelief. For He will not be mocked!