Teacher sacked for opposing LGBT brainwashing

Teacher sacked for opposing LGBT brainwashing

A British Christian parent has finally stood up against LGBTQ+ brainwashing of five-year-olds – and has immediately been sacked for speaking out.

Kristie Higgs, 43, was a pastoral assistant at a Gloucestershire academy until she posted online protests against transgender teaching at her son’s supposedly Christian primary school.

A disciplinary panel promptly decided that she had used language which ‘demeaned’ its gay, lesbian and transgender pupils.

The mother-of-two, who had worked at the secondary school for six years with an unblemished record, posted objections on her personal Facebook page to the use of two homosexual propaganda books at her son’s Church of England primary.

Mrs Higgs’ sacking from Farmor’s School, in Fairford, Gloucestershire, came after a sole anonymous email complaint, which accused her of ‘posting homophobic and prejudiced views’.

A disciplinary panel found she was guilty of gross misconduct because there was ‘potential’ for the school’s reputation to be harmed, though the panel admitted ‘there was no actual evidence’ that this had happened.

‘As soon as the investigation began I was repeatedly told ‘This is nothing to do with your religion’. That was clearly a legal tactic and of course it has everything to do with my religion.’ She is to take her case to an employment tribunal.

The primary school attended by Mrs Higgs’ son attracted her disapproval after it adopted ‘No Outsiders’ teaching about sexual minorities. The same programme has generated a row between schools and Muslim parents in Birmingham.

The books included stories about a boy who wants to wear a dress and a red crayon that discovers it is really blue.

Mrs Higgs had said on her Facebook page: ‘They are brainwashing our children! We say again, this is a vicious form of totalitarianism aimed at suppressing Christianity.’

A disciplinary panel said Mrs Higgs had used language which ‘could be deemed offensive’.

It also found that her posts ‘had caused offence to the complainant’.

What should happen now is for the parents at both schools involved to launch a mass boycott until Mrs Higgs is given a full apology and her job back, and the twisted brainwashing is stopped.

That’s what would happen if the censorship victim and other parents were working class Muslims. But sadly, as we’re talking about largely middle class, white Middle England, no such thing will happen. The unjust sacking will probably stand, and the children will certainly be force-fed LGBTQPCN+ propaganda.

Which neatly illustrates why Olde England is dying, and why the process cannot be reversed. And why Christians and others who object are in for endless and increasing persecution. For which trials, and for the opportunity to suffer in small ways for bearing witness to our Faith, we must give thanks to God. Who no doubt has a plan….