Templar Book Week 'Arrested'

Templar Book Week 'Arrested'

For the second day of Templar Book Week, here's an extract from one of the most important chapters of our very first book, Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West.

The chapter is Arrested, and it's the most detailed and well-informed guide to what to do if you are ever picked up by the police. With increasing repression of lockdown resisters, patriots, straight pride activists and Christians in general, you never know when you may need this guidance.

The extract is from the part of the chapter which examines what will happen when they have you in the police station:

Bogus Offers of Help

’Good cop’ may have one last technique to break you - posing as the only friend you have in there. ”I know you didn’t do
anything wrong, so let me help you sort things out and then you can go home”. Don’t be fooled; it’s bullshit. Just keep
staring at that point on the wall and say nothing.

Victims facing allegations of racial, religious or homophobic ’hate crimes’ are particularly vulnerable to being sweet-talked
into trouble. These ’laws’ are so widely drafted and so extreme that a seemingly reasonable, compromise ’yes’ to a question
like: ”Even though you didn’t intend to cause offence, can you see how someone might have been offended?” means
that you would just have in effect pleaded guilty to an offence carrying up to seven years in prison.

The police know the law far better than you, and they know how to manipulate a question and answer session to
get you to incriminate yourself. So you must ignore their deceitful combination of threats and tender concern for your

If you are alleged, for example, to have been involved in some kind of direct action against criminal scum such as a
white paedophile or a Muslim child rape gang, he may well even profess sympathy with your alleged actions:

”Truth is, son, I agree with you about Muslim grooming gangs. I’ve seen things that would make you sick. I can
understand why you smashed up the car they were using to nonce your mate’s little sister, but you’ve got to realise that
what you did was technically against the law. We know you did it, we’ve even got CCTV footage of you running off, but if
you’ll work with us we can explain all the circumstances and put in a good word. You’ll get away with just a fine.”

Don’t believe a word of it. The prisons are full of suckers who did. You don’t need his ’help’ or bogus ’sympathy’, he is just
another Jobsworth traitor getting paid far too much money to protect a criminal ruling elite and the scum they’ve let loose on
our streets. There are no ’good’ cops when it comes to questioning suspects. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
A confession might end the questioning and bullying, but it would guarantee you a prison sentence.

A related trick is to say that they know that you’re decent and mean well, but that you have been manipulated and
’exploited’ by others. ”You’ve got in with a bad bunch, and we need your help to help you.” ”Why are you risking going
to prison for a bunch of people who care nothing for you? They’re all crooks anyway, blah, blah, blah.....”

This suggests that you’re some kind of idiot who just gets dragged along without being able to think for yourself. It’s an
insult rather than a genuine offer of help, but don’t get angry, just concentrate on how you’re going to treat yourself once
your refusal to talk forces them to let you go free. Go fishing? Have a beer? Good sex? Stare at the wall and concentrate on
what you’ll do once silence sets you free.

Finally, he may try the old lie that, unless you tell him something, his grumpy, aggressive, bullying colleague will
take over and give you a hard time. Don’t be fooled, just remember that they are two halves of the same pantomime
bull and continue to ignore whatever either of them says.


When They Start Shouting, You Know You’re Winning

’Bad cop’ will pretend to lose his temper with you. He may shout and threaten to beat you up. It’s just an act. Even if he
does slap you once or twice, you had worse falling off your bike when you were a kid. The fact the police are willing to
sink so low means that you have succeeded in frustrating them and that the experience will soon be over.

After a while, he may leave the cell. ’Good cop’ may give you ”one last chance” to ”confess” to something quite small in
order to stop his bullying mate coming back and ”beating the crap out of you”. Yet more lies, of course. But their desperation
means it’s nearly over.

So stick to your guns like the bravest of your ancestors did under far worse circumstances. It’s not exactly Agincourt,
with you and a handful of other half-starved peasants with bows and arrows up against a huge force of heavily armoured
French nobles, is it? You’re not facing the fate of the brave Englishmen and Americans who defied tyrants to found the liberties we still
defend today - no-one’s going to burn you at the stake or nail you to the public pillory by your ear!

It’s not like being with Pearse and Collins in the GPO. Being shouted at by anoverweight copper doesn’t compare with being up to your
knees in mud and the rotting guts of your pals in a trench on the Somme. The men who stuck it out under those circumstances were
your ancestors. Their blood and their spirit live on in you. Remember that as you promise yourself that no jumped up
traffic warden is going to break you. However much he shouts and blusters, what are you going to keep on saying?


• Ignore any claims they make

• Avoid eye contact at all times. Stare at one fixed point

• Feet flat on the floor. Arms crossed. Concentrate on not
moving a muscle

• Don’t try to outwit the police, they are professionals

• Do not ‘bite’ at their attempts to make you angry

• Whatever they say, say nothing


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