Templar Castle - Monzon

Templar Castle - Monzon

Today it lies in a fertile plain within sight of the majestic Pyranees mountains in northern Spain. But for several hundred years, Monzon Castle was on the front line in a seemingly endless war of attrition between Islam and Christianity. 

The short video gives you a first-hand glimpse into the imposing strength of this masterpiece of authentic Knights Templar heritage.

The central keep was actually built by the Muslim occupation forces, mainly using slave labour but in 1089 the stronghold was captured when Argonese Christian forces liberated the area.

The fierce struggles to hold the reconquered territory led to the fortress being given to the Knights Templar in 1134.

The Templars strengthened the defences, adding outer walls as well as a church, dormitories and refrectory.

Centuries after the Templar Order was brutally suppressed and robbed, the castle was modernised to upgrade its defences for the era of gunpowder and artillery.