Templar Castle: Temple, Scotland

Templar Castle: Temple, Scotland

On the banks of the river Esk just south of the city of Edinburgh lies the village and parish of Temple. It was here where the Templars had their headquarters in Scotland, and the village of Temple still houses the ruins of the church the Templars once worshipped in.

Rumour has it that when the order was dissolved in 1312, the treasure of the Templars held in Paris was smuggled out of France and taken to Temple in Scotland and buried there. A local saying alludes to the buried treasure – “Twixt the oak and the elm tree, you will find buried the millions free.” 

In 1128, Hugues de Payens, the first Grand Master of the Templars, met with King David I of Scotland, and was granted the lands of Balantrodach. This site became the Knights Templar Preceptory in Scotland. It was known anciently as “Balantrodach”, from the Scottish Gaelic 'Baile nan Trodach', which means, 'town of the warriors.' A Knights Templar croix pattée is visible on the roof of the ruins of the Old Temple Kirk

If you want to experience a true connection to the Templars this is one of the only places in Scotland to do it.