Templar Gab Outreach Drive

Templar Gab Outreach Drive

Social media reach is the fuel of growth for every modern organisation, and the Knights Templar Order is no exception. This has given us a big problem, because all the main platforms have either banned us outright, or strangled us with shadow bans.

But there’s good news at last – Gab has grown so much that it is now a really good place to invest advertising revenue.

Unlike all the other platforms, Gab isn’t run by bigoted liberals. Gab CEO Andrew Torba is a committed Christian, and he has built Gab into a powerful platform and market place for what he calls “the alternative economy”.

We need to take advantage of this by signing up the Templars as one of Andrew Torba’s “advertizing partners”. That means an outlay of $500 every month. Our research and experiments have confirmed this is a great investment, which will power the Order forward.

Plus, every dollar you give to this advertising push will help not just the Templars, but also Gab itself. Andrew Torba is a visionary and capable man, who deserves our support, so thank you for helping make this possible.

Follow this link to help the Knights Templar Order reach millions of patriots and Bible-true Christians every month. Many thanks!