Templar Report: An Irish Special

Templar Report: An Irish Special

The death of Ireland is imminent. Subverted from within by a bought-and-paid-for political class, the emerald isle is now entering its final days. 

The collapse of the church, abortion chambers in every village, pride rallies and a spiralling immigration problem; this is the Ireland of 2019.

By 2050, the Irish WILL be a minority in their own country!

Betrayed by every element of its establishment, today,  some Irishmen and women are marching in their thousands through the towns and villages against their replacement by so-called "refugees."

But is it too late for the Irish people?

What was the last 800 years of resistance for? The thousands of martyrs that went willingly to their doom for love of faith and nation, with hindsight, have died in vain; their sacrifice betrayed by a cowardly, self-loathing generation of materialistic little-Englanders.

If Ireland is to survive, the fightback must begin NOW!