Templar Report: Auschwitz Liberated

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Templar Report: Auschwitz Liberated

Today marks 75th anniversary of liberation of concentration camp Auschwitz, when the Soviet Union entered and freed the inhabitants of the now infamous camp.


60 million people lost their lives in World War II but the media only fixate on Jewish victims. 30 million Russians, 20 million Chinese and almost 10 million Germans died in that horrific war.

Can you tell me how many Americans died in WWII?

The sacrifice of our loved ones is forgotten. Their is clearly a hierarchy of victims and European Christians are at the bottom of that list.

The murder and mistreatment of Jews was a crime against humanity. Likewise, the butchery, enslavement and slaughter of millions of Germans following the war no less a war crime.

We must remember ALL victims, not just the few!


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