Templar Report: Brexit Party Exposed

Templar Report: Brexit Party Exposed

Right-wingers condemn Jeremy Corbyn, and for very good reason. But the failure to criticise and call out the Brexit Party and the communist fanatics within its ranks renders us hypocrites.

Nigel Farage's party pretends to stand for Brexit and the traditional values of old England!

From terrorist sympathisers to advocates of child pornography, the Brexit party's infiltration by radical Marxists and the lack of coverage by the national media is nothing short of astonishing.

Claire Fox MEP refused to condemn the Warrington bombing, that left two children dead. Later in her career as a communist activist, she spoke out against the states attempt to ban child pornography.

Brexit Party James Heartfield, even attacked the symbol of our war dead: the Poppy!

What does the presence of these people tell us about Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party and the man that made Brexit a reality? Tune in to Templar Report for this exclusive expose!