Templar Report: Corrupting the Youth

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Templar Report: Corrupting the Youth


It is not just pride parades and the near 24/7 bombardment of homosexual propaganda that we have to contend with; now, they are coming for the young!

More parents need to stop shirking their responsibilities and speak out against the agendas that are intended to harm our children. Our guest presenter, Jim Dowson, has been exposing the perversity that has slowly been introduced into the schools throughout the UK, first in Scotland and then in England and Ireland. America, be warned, this is only the beginning. By the time your child leaves high school, he or she will be unrecognisable. Remember how the Muslim parents of Birmingham banded together against the teaching authorities and forced them remove the LGBT programming from the syllabus. It is time we took a leaf out their book! 

You might not be interested in the gay agenda, but the gay agenda is interested in you...and your children!


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