Templar Report: COVID 19

Templar Report: COVID 19


TEXAS – See you there!

The KTI Conference in Houston is still on! Flights from Britain and Ireland are NOT affected on the ban on travel to the USA from Europe, and our Rosslyn Priory team are all fit and well.


We look forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones on the weekend of 21st and 22nd March. See you there! There was no way we would let you down…EVER!


It’s very clear from the way Corona virus has behaved in places like Italy that, once it’s in a country, it will spread regardless of what anyone does or doesn’t do. Staying away from particular places or events might therefore delay the time at which we all come into contact with it. In he end – to be realistic and honest as we all must be – if it’s going to get you, it’s going to get you.


And, even if it does, most people will shrug it off. In the end, it’s only another form of flu, and it’s only really dangerous to individuals who already have severe health problems.


The real dangers from Coronavirus emerge when governments mishandle it, and when it emerges in places which are already riddled with crime and violence. Brother Dowson’s latest video here goes into this vital issue in his usual well-informed and passionate style.


If you are worried by all the media coverage, you need to watch this to get things into perspective and to understand the most important thing of all: It’s not being with your Knights Templar brothers which is dangerous, it’s being without them, it’s being ill-informed, it’s being unprepared, it’s being on the wrong side of town.


The conference is going ahead in a wonderful hotel. We will be there. We look forward to greeting you too!