Templar Report: Elites Jail Protesters

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Templar Report: Elites Jail Protesters

Templar Report guest presenter Jim Dowson returns with some very worrying news from the United Kingdom. The Globalist elite do not take kindly to criticism, especially from working-class patriots...

After protesters hackled Ana Soubry, the anti-Brexit, europhile MP, as she made her way to Parliament, one protester was arrested and a special committee of MP's has been formed to limit the ability of ordinary, decent people to protest outside Westminster parliament.

A dangerous precedent is been set in Britain. Historically, protesters have challenged politicians on the lawns of Westminster, but last week that changed forever. The freedoms our grandfathers bled for on the killing fields of the Somme are being curtailed. Please share this video to your friends. Let them see for themselves that the once free and mighty United Kingdom is no more!