Templar Report: EU Election Violence

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Templar Report: EU Election Violence

When Political candidates are attacked and the corporate-political-media class praise the attackers , you know your society is on the brink...

In the last fortnight, Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage and Sargon of Akkad have all been attacked by far-left elements. But the weekend saw something even more disturbing: large gangs of Islamists, escorted by police, invaded a small white working-class estate and attacked locals who turned out for a Tommy Robinson rally. The media reaction: blame everyone bar the Islamist thugs. Jim Dowson breaks down the recent disturbing events for our viewers.

If you needed further proof that our sharia-compliant establishment will stop at nothing to make the transition from a once Christian Britain to an Islamic Britain as smooth as possible, and will crush all dissenters, you must watch this video!


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