Templar Report: Exposing Fake Pastors

Templar Report: Exposing Fake Pastors

Pastors in Porsche's, reverends with Rolex's, crass megachurches and services resembling rock shows. Is this really the religion of Christ?  

Fakes, Frauds, scammers and plain old Holy roller lunatics!

Are you fed up with ‘Church’ these days? Have you ever sat in Church thinking…”? I can’t deal with this nonsense anymore??

 I can tell you this…I have and have been so infuriated by the inane ramblings of some so-called pastors/priests that I had to get up and leave before my ears bled! 

So, how can we spot the fakes or flakes?

Well it is much easier than you think. Once you UNDERSTAND the REAL meaning of just two words the process of discernment is easy. Those words are REVERENCE and WORSHIP.

The root source of these Biblical words in both Hebrew and Greek give us a firm, absolute and rigid description of what our attitude and demeanour SHOULD be in the House of God.

Let the Bible tell you, NOT me , the Templars or anyone else what is acceptable in Church worship services!

So, if your Church service as casual as a beer and burger Hebrews 12:28   BBQ or as raucous  as a frat house party, then you are probably in the Wrong Church as such behaviour and actions are NOT what the Bible deems to be OK….

The Holy Bible is crystal clear on this as we read…“Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: Hebrews 12:28. Remember HE said it, NOT me..Okay!